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Monday, February 27, 2012

Grammar day : Simple Present Tense and Present Continuous Tense

15th February 2012
Simple Present Tense
We had continue our class by presentation about present tense. There are presented by Sue, Elya and Malin.they did it very well but they seem very shy to present it in front of class. as usual miss zu will add some information to make us understand about this topic. by the way, I had found a few best link 
regarding present tense and also an exercise to practice your understanding.  Happy viewing!


Some notes from my papers.

The present tense describes what is happening now (at the present time).

Negative form:
Subject + do/does not + root word
e.g : They do not smoke.
        He does not smoke.

Use do / does with action.
e.g: Does he smoke?

Keywords for present tense:
often, always, never, every day, month,..usally, sometimes, generally, normally, rarely, whenever...

I , You + plural
Don’t + verb
To be, must, can
Verb + not
They go to school.
They don’t go to school.
They are not (aren't) at home.
He , She, It  + ..s
Doesn’t + verb
Verb + not
He wants an ice-cream.
He doesn’t want an ice cream.
She is not (isn't) at school.

- es after - s / - ch / - sh                 

Examples: passes - watches - finishes   
- ies after - y                       
Examples: study - studies / carry - carries     
also: do - does / go - goes / have - has

- To express something is happening.
- Verb + ing

When to use the present continuous tense??
- When something happen at the moment of speaking.
- To show something temporary
- Future arrangement : I have taking a test tomorrow.

Keywords :
Currently, presently, at the moment, right now, now, gradually

Indefinite pronouns = always SINGULAR

e.g : everything, everyone, anyone, someone

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